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The Aim

Ultimately, we want to be one of, if not the best electrician cairns has to offer.

Endurance Electrical was born with a clear key focus in mind:

To be the first choice domestic and commercial electrical contracting services provider for each market in which we operate.”

This may seem like an ambitious statement, but it reiterates Endurance Electrical’s core belief.  By providing a personal approach yet professional outcome, delivered in the most cost effective manner,  the customer (that’s you) will be 100% satisfied with the services undertaken and thus continue to use us on future occasions and recommend us to other potential clientele.


Why Endurance

Endurance Electrical was founded as a company for longevity, and from the outset we wanted to be a company that would still be providing a great service for generations.

The name Endurance was derived from this idea.  The very word Endurance is defined as: the ability or strength to continue or last, especially despite fatigue, stress, or other adverse conditions; and: lasting quality and duration”

Every company will face hardships and adverse conditions (often more than once) throughout its lifespan.  We want to be solid enough as a company to persevere through these conditions. And so, Endurance was chosen to reflect this idea.  The diamond was chosen to symbolize the Endurance and Strength of the company.  The tag lineefficiency is the key’ is the glue that binds these ideals in place.



The Endurance History

Although Endurance Electrical was founded in 2014, we have been operating as electrical contractors for almost 10 years under a separate entity.  As life events often do, a change was called for.  And so, in a change for the better,  Endurance Electrical was born.

When you choose Endurance Electrical, you are a getting the best of both worlds.  Experience and knowledge coupled with a friendly and professional company.


The Endurance Future

To coincide with our aim to be the number one choice in our given markets, Endurance Electrical will continue to grow as demand requires.  This attitude will ensure that every customers needs are met with 100% satisfaction every time, and will ensure that existing and new clientele alike, are not disappointed by exorbitant wait times and poor service.

Endurance Electrical will strive to meet every customers needs in a timely and professional manner, met with the personal touch of a company that understands your desires.

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